Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chamber Works of Hidayat I. Khan

Chamber Works of Hidayat I. Khan

Volume 1 + 2

A wide range of compositions for flute, hobo, piano, organ, Harp, for voices, duets and accompaniment, containing among many others Aria, Ay Mere Moula, Ballet Rituel for Organ, Cadence Caprice, Cherag's Procession, Etude Mélodique, Etude en Mi, Invocation, Prayer, Sangita, Song to the Madzub of Noor I. Khan, Chanson Exotique, Awake for Morning, La Monotonia for strings, Organ or Piano

Scores and parts in print and PDF available at Petama Project

for further details please contact puran@petama.ch

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